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At Clipping Path Creator (CPC Group), We provide complete Photo Retouching, Image Post-Production and Marketplace or Web Image Ready services since 2010 for all business size.

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    Our basic photo editing services encompass fundamental enhancements to elevate the overall quality of your images. Additionally, we offer photo post-production features to ensure your images are visually appealing and well-composed.

  • Photo clipping path Or image cut out.
  • Background removal or white background.
  • High-End photo retouching, restoration.
  • Realistic drop Shadow & reflection
  • Ghost mannequin & Neck-joint
  • Color correction & adjustment
  • Photo resize, cropping
  • Jewelry photo retouching
  • Amazon, E-bay marketplace image ready
  • The pricing is determined based on several factors, including the complexity of the image, the requirements of editing, and the project sizes. However, we offer a very flexible pricing structure to meet the specific needs of clients.
    Absolutely. Our advanced retouching services are tailored for professional portraits, ensuring that every detail is perfected. This includes skin retouching, teeth whitening, and eye enhancement. We prioritize a natural look, enhancing features without compromising the authenticity of the original image.
    Yes, we do offer bulk discounts (Up to 40%) for clients requiring multiple images. The more images you order, the more cost-effective the pricing becomes. Our goal is to provide flexibility and affordability for clients with varying project sizes.
    Our standard delivery time for the photo clipping is determined by the complexity and volume of the images in your project. However, we prioritize swift delivery without compromising the quality.

  • 7000 Images in 24 hours
  • 3000 Images in 10 hours
  • 1000 Images in 5 hours
  • 500 Images in 3 hours
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